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Trip Report: Jake Stangel's Eurotrip

Up first, photographer Jake Stangel's 16-day trip to experience Europe the best way possible thanks to Transfer Case. Stay tuned for other adventures around the world from the Post family with bikes!

Flew out for a 16 day Eurotrip with nice clothes for meetings, portfolios, normcore clothes, a bike, bike kit for maybe rain in Belgium, fenders, stuff for maybe sun in France, and a laptop. Everything fit into just two bags: my beat-up suitcase and my @postcarryco bike case. They both have wheels, which has allowed me to walk around easily and only use trains and tubes and subway to get around. No cabs, no traffic, no headaches, super clean. It also feels better to be self-sufficient and learn all the modes of public transport in new places. I didn’t have time to ride in London but I got into Amsterdam and immediately built up the bike. Timed myself and it took 17 minutes including pumping up the tires, everything is packed in safe and snug but easy to access, and used all my riding kit as filler between the wheels (it also kept it out of my suitcase). And no bike fee at the airport cause it doesn’t really look like a bike case. Can’t describe how good it feels to be riding in such a cycling-centric city like Amsterdam with my own bike 🤠

-Jake Stangel
Bike: Cielo 58cm
Transfer Case 150L