Transfer Cases and Handlebar Bags are shipping now in Asia/Australia and in the USA mid-October!


We understand that packing your bike, finding the right size Transfer Case for your bike, or working on your bike can be a daunting experience. We would be happy to answer any questions you have! If there is a question don't see answered here, please send us an email at!

Will my bike fit Transfer Case?

Transfer Case carries a full-sized road or gravel bicycle up to 62cm in size. Please see sizing guide at the link above for instructions on how to measure your frame to ensure it will fit.

Can bikes with internal cable routing be used with Transfer Case?

Transfer Case fits nearly all bicycles except those with cables or lines that run inside the stem and into the frame (also known as internal routing). Basically, your bike's cables just need to have enough slack to allow the handlebar/stem assembly to be re-positioned in the Transfer Case. See Packing Instructions/videos to understand how the handlebar needs to be re-positioned!

Can I avoid airline fees with Transfer Case?

In short, you might, but we don't guarantee it. Airlines have historically been unfair to travelers with bicycles. They will waive fees for certain oversize items, but not if the luggage appears to be a bicycle case. Transfer Case provides the best chance at avoiding fees by being discreet and unassuming,

For airlines that measure luggage by weight, as many regional airlines do, Transfer Case greatly reduces the fee-by-weight penalty over other bike cases. In a year of prototype testing, Transfer Case product testers have traveled with their bikes and have flat-out avoided any fees or excess charges they would have encountered with a bigger case. We recommend calling your airline in advance and making travel decisions based on understanding different airlines’ bicycle allowance policy.

How much disassembly of the bike is required?

In order to fit a bike in a compact volume, some disassembly of the bike will be required. Of course, the wheels and seatpost have to come off. The fork has to be removed but all brake and derailleur cables can be left connected. For most rider's handlebar and stem positions, the stem can be left in position on the bar. See packing instructions and videos for more details.

Does the bike move around inside Transfer Case when packed?

The bike frame is held in place by compression of thick foam layers and fabric used throughout Transfer Case. Each wheel has an individual compartment, separated from the frame, and are designed to snugly fit both narrow and wide 650b and 700c rims and tires. Other loose parts such as the bike's rear derailleur or fork have a dedicated compartment to keep them secure in Transfer Case.

Is my bike safe inside Transfer Case?

Yes, unless it falls off a cliff. Most other bike cases won't protect against that either. The rigid side panels of Transfer Case provide excellent crush protection from say, other bags being stacked on top of it inside an airplane cargo bay. To date, product testers have had no bike damage caused from travel while using Transfer Case.

Where is Transfer Case manufactured and sold?

Post Carry Co. proudly partners with bag and luggage factories in Vietnam. Transfer Case currently ships in North America under normal shipping rates shown at checkout. If you don't see your country listed, send us an email and we'd be happy to provide a customized shipping quote to your address!

Will Mountain Bikes fit inside Transfer Case?

Yes, with certain size restrictions. See our blog post on fitting a mountain bike.