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We understand that packing your bike, finding the right size Transfer Case for your bike, or working on your bike can be a daunting experience. We would be happy to answer any questions you have!

Will my bike fit the Transfer Case?

Transfer Case carries a full-sized road or gravel bicycle up to 62cm in size. Please see sizing guide at the link above for instructions on how to measure your frame to ensure it will fit or write us an email (info@postcarry.co) with your frame information and dimensions and we can see if it will fit!

Can bikes with internal cable routing be used with the Transfer Case?

As long as the frame's cable housing and brake hoses enable movement of the handlebar when the stem is removed, it will fit inside the Transfer Case. Frames with fully integrated or internal cables will not be compatible inside the Transfer Case. See Packing Instructions/videos to understand how the handlebar needs to be re-positioned.

Can I avoid airline fees with the Transfer Case?

In short, you might, but we can't guarantee it. Airlines have historically been unfair to travelers with bicycles. They will waive fees for certain oversize items, but not if the luggage appears to be a bicycle case. Transfer Case provides the best chance at avoiding fees by being discreet and unassuming.

For airlines that measure luggage by weight, as many regional airlines do, Transfer Case greatly reduces the fee-by-weight penalty over other bike cases. We recommend calling your airline in advance and making travel decisions based on understanding different airlines’ bicycle allowance policy.

How much disassembly of the bike is required?

In order to fit a bike in a compact volume, some disassembly of the bike will be required. Of course, the wheels and seatpost have to come off. The fork has to be removed but all brake and derailleur cables can be left connected. For most rider's handlebar and stem positions, the stem can be left in position on the bar. See packing instructions and videos for more details.

What tools do I need to pack my bike in the Transfer Case?

Some of the essentials would be the appropriate hex, allen, or Torx tools, a pedal wrench, and a pump for inflating your tires. None of these tools are specialized and collectively can fit inside the designated tool compartment in the Transfer Case! A detailed guide on what to bring and how to prepare your bike can be found here.

Will my bike with an integrated seat post fit inside the Transfer Case?

The Transfer Case was not designed for frames that have a seat post integrated into the frame or those with an extended seat tube (and use a seat mast topper to attach the saddle). However, there are some frames with this style of seat post that are short enough and allow it to fit in the Transfer Case. Please email us (info@postcarry.co) with your frame information and dimensions and we can see if it will fit!

Does my one-piece handlebar/stem fit inside the Transfer Case?

One-piece handlebar/stems DO fit inside the Transfer Case. Unless you have a drastically angled, positive rise stem--your stem does not need to be removed or have its angle adjusted in order for the bike to be packed inside the Case.

Does the bike move around inside the Transfer Case when packed?

When you pack your bike in the Transfer Case, your bike is "semi-floating," meaning your bike can shift slightly during an impact allowing it to "give," instead of taking the full force of the impact. The thoroughly padded and rigid sides prevent and absorb sharp impacts. The individual components (like your handlebars or fork) won't move out of position since the many layers of foam padding of the Transfer Case provides compression to keep everything in its place.

Is my bike safe inside the Transfer Case?

Yes, unless it falls off a cliff. Most other bike cases won't protect against that either. The rigid side panels of Transfer Case provide excellent crush protection from say, other bags being stacked on top of it inside an airplane cargo bay.

Should I remove my disc rotors for traveling?

We recommend that you remove your rotors and place them in the Transfer Case's small compartments. Especially if your rotors are Centerlock, which take only seconds to remove with a cassette/rotor tool.

Where is the Transfer Case manufactured and sold?

Post Carry Co. proudly partners with bag and luggage factories in Vietnam. Transfer Case currently ships in North America under normal shipping rates shown at checkout. If you don't see your country listed, send us an email (info@postcarry.co) and we'd be happy to provide a customized shipping quote to your address!

Will Mountain Bikes fit inside Transfer Case?

We do not officially endorse using the Transfer Case for carrying mountain bikes as the case was designed for Road and Gravel bikes only. The problem is not so much the footprint (as in the length and height of the bike) but the taller "stack" caused by the wider hubs of MTBs which would push the sides of the Transfer Case too much when the bike is packed.