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Transfer Case

The Transfer Case is a compact travel case for your full-sized road or gravel bike. There are two sizes available, fitting bikes up to 62cm, and it's fully protective for travel. Its small size can avoid airline fees and help you maneuver easily at your destination. Bring your bike to every adventure.

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135L 150L
Dimensions 92 x 72 x 23cm
36.2 x 28.3 x 9.0”
97 x 77 x 23cm
38.2 x 30.3 x 9.0”
Linear Dimensions
(L+ W+ H)
187cm / 73.5” 197cm / 77.5”
Folded Size 76 x 36 x 36cm / 30 x 14 x 14" 76 x 43 x 36cm / 30 x 17 x 14"
Weight 5.4kg / 12.0lbs 5.7kg / 12.6 lbs
Fits bikes up to "Medium/Large" or "56cm" Road & Gravel bikes "XL" or "62cm" Road & Gravel bikes
Fits tire sizes up to 40mm tire width (700c wheels) and up to 47mm tire width (650b wheels)
Approx. Packed Weight 17kg or 37.5lbs. (Packed with a road bike, tools, and cycling clothing)
Exterior Fabrics 600D polyester & 1680D Ballistic Nylon
Interior Materials PE Foam
12mm Polycarbonate Honeycomb
420D Polyester Liner
Included with Transfer Case Frame Wrap
Chainstay Guard
Step-by-step Packing Guide
Spare Name Tag


1 Measure the frame's headtube length (including headset cups or attachments that cannot be easily taken off.)
2 Measure the diagonal length between the forward-most point (at the center of the headtube) to the furthest point of the frame (usually the derailleur hanger on geared bikes).
3 Use the chart below to determine your frame’s Transfer Case size.

Note: Frames with a headtube or diagonal length measurement greater than what’s listed won’t fit.
135L 150L
Headtube length (cm) Diagonal length (cm) Headtube length (cm) Diagonal length (cm)
12 ≤101.1 15 ≤106.4
13 ≤100.6 16 ≤105.9
14 ≤100.2 17 ≤105.5
15 ≤99.7 18 ≤105.0
16 ≤99.2 19 ≤104.5
17 ≤98.7 20 ≤104.0
21 ≤103.5

In general, most travelers will prefer the smaller Transfer Case (135L) if their frame size allows for it. If your frame dimensions exceed the dimensions listed above by only a few millimeters, keep in mind that the Case’s side panels have thick foam padding that provides leeway and will still allow it to fit. Frames with headtubes taller than 17cm should be packed in the 150L. Write to us at info@postcarry.co if you have any questions about fitting.


In regards to cable routing, as long as the bike's cables and housing do not prevent the fork from being removed, it will fit inside the Transfer Case. Frames with fully integrated cables or housing are not compatible inside the Transfer Case.
The Transfer Case was not intended for frames that feature an extended seat tube which acts as a seatpost. However, some frames with this type of seat tube are short enough and will fit in the Transfer Case. Please email us with your frame information and seat tube length measurements and we can see if your ISP frame will fit!


Because of the variance of size, geometry, and fit of bikes, your exact packing procedure may vary from the steps shown above. The process can take as short as ten minutes to pack. Practice packing and assembling your bike before a trip. You’ll find that it becomes easier after you’ve done it once! Here's a guide to what to bring when traveling with your bike.


Building your bike from its case when you've arrived at your destination is the routine of every traveling cyclist. Whether it's at your Airbnb in Palm Springs, lodge in the Swiss Alps, or budget hotel in Southeast Asia: make your routine a pleasant one. Bring your bike to every adventure.