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About Post Carry Co.

The anticipation of a trip. The hours spent researching routes. The connections you make at a new place. Discovering places and seeking new experiences is what drives us forward.

Post Carry Co. was born from the act of rebelling against airline fees. Our rebellious, independent spirit carries over to our on-bike bags. You'll know a Post Carry Co. bag from afar. Whether you're heading to an event with your race machine or exploring the back country on your gravel bike, our bags are there for the adventure.

The Transfer Case came about during my foiled epic bike touring attempt through Southeast Asia. I got to SFO airport before my departure, dragged a large, heavy, hardshell bike case through the crowds, and walked up to the United Airlines counter only to find out how much it'd cost to bring the bike. Each leg of the multi-city trip would have cost an exorbitant amount just on bike fees. And then there was the question of how to get around in Asia with a huge bike case? Realizing how difficult it would be logistically, I changed plans and went on that trip, sadly, without a bike.

As an industrial designer, I sought to design a better, cost-efficient solution for traveling with your bike. The Transfer Case was born from that (failed) trip and has since allowed myself and many cyclists to easily and compactly travel with their bikes—and save on many fees while they’re at it.

-Marc Mendoza
Founder & Designer @ Post Carry Co.

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Photo credit above: Ben Johnson & Jake Stangel