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About Post Carry Co.

Post Carry Co. was founded by industrial designer, Marc Mendoza, and ran by him and a small team of passionate cyclists around the world. We design rugged and functional bags for traveling and exploring cyclists like ourselves. We want to share our adventurous and independent spirit to inspire other cyclists to just get out therewhether you're heading to an event with your race machine or exploring the back country on your gravel bike.

Transfer Case came about during Marc’s foiled epic bike touring attempt through Southeast Asia. Actually, he never got to bring his bike there in the first place. Marc got to SFO airport before his departure, dragged a large, heavy, hardshell bike case through the crowds, and walked up to the United Airlines counter only to be upset at what he found out. Each leg of the trip would have cost an exorbitant amount just on bike fees. And then there was the question of how to get around in Asia with a huge bike case? Out of frustration of the costs and struggles, Marc gave up the epic bike trip and sought to design a better, more compact solution for taking your bike with you. Transfer Case was born from that (failed) trip and has since allowed him and many cyclists to easily and compactly travel with their bikesand save on many fees while they’re at it.

Before starting Post Carry Co., Marc has had extensive experience in product development in many industries including cycling and especially, bags. He makes and sews all prototypes by hand and often hands them out to product testers to get a wide range of feedback. Marc splits time between California and Vietnam, where he can develop products closely with our production partners and ensure the quality of all products that get shipped to customers.

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Photo credits above: Ben Johnson & Jake Stangel