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Transfer Case News & Updates: Oct-Nov 2018

A lot's happened the last two months. The biggest announacement was that we started shipping Transfer Case shipping in North America! And we've got cyclists already using their Case for adventures and sharing their experiences. From Alvin (@alvinescajeda) who transported his fixed gear track bike to Milan for the Red Hook Criterium, to Brian (@puma43) who explored the streets of Boston, to Freddie (@simple.fred) who just made a big move to the U.K. Nothing is more humbling than to hear how Transfer Case has changed the way they travel!

We've also been asked a lot whether Transfer Case will avoid airline fees. It's difficult to answer since it depends how friendly the airline counter agent is that day. These are just a handful of airlines that Transfer Case has flown with in recent months, as reported by customers and product testers:

  • Air France: No fees
  • ANA: No fees
  • Delta Airlines: No fees
  • EVA Airlines: No fees
  • Singapore Airlines: No fees
  • Southwest Airlines: Varied (Transfer Case passed on some occasions, not on others. However the $75 bicycle fee is not as bad as other airlines.)
  • Swiss Air: No fees
  • United: Varied (Transfer Case passed on some occasions with this notoriously unfriendly airline to cyclists, not on others.)
  • WOW Airlines: $75 bicycle fee (Travelers are required to pay for anycheck-in luggage.)

We want to be clear that your fee avoidance results may vary. The best part is the savings with Transfer Case could pay for itself in a few trips. Expect to see a "Flying with Transfer Case" blog post on airline tips and advice soon!

Which leads us to another great Transfer Case benefit: Mobility. I recently took my bike inside Transfer Case inside Taiwan's High Speed Rail and rolled it through the busy train stations during rush hour. There's no way the bike could have fit the tight spaces in the train unless it was packed inside Transfer Case. The other option without Transfer Case was to hire a car to have my bike or not bring it at all. Which is the worst. Bring your bike places you wouldn't have before.

And in case you missed it, here are some other blog posts on Transfer Case:

- Marc Mendoza
Founder @ Post Carry Co.