Velo Vietnam

On Velo Vietnam's bespoke tours, you ride with people who know and love this unique part of the world.

Operating tours exclusively in Vietnam and Laos, director David Lloyd and crew know the roads, the cultures and the cuisines of these amazing nations inside out. We always strive to understand and respect Vietnam and Laos’ peoples and their environments, and do everything we can do create goodwill wherever we go.

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Founded by long-time tour operator and life-long cyclist Brad Sauber and his wife Dawn, RAID is built around Brad’s 25+ years of experience and vision in providing guests unparalleled experiences in unexpected locales. When it comes to creating a memorable excursion, the cycling industry turns to Brad. He’s pushed to the limits of what makes destination experiences real, bringing cyclists to places exotic – unspoiled Bhutan, to seemingly domestic - the magnificent California Coast.

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The Cyclist's Menu

The Cyclist's Menu was born by two passionate souls. Zander Ault, a renowned Farm Direct Chef and Heidi Rentz, a retired Professional Mountain Bike Racer turned Endurance Cycling Coach. Together and alongside an advanced team of professionals; The Cyclist's Menu hosts gravel & road cycling camps that have built a reputation on providing a transformational experience. Our food, cycling, and compelling love for life is the launch pad for this adventurous journey.

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The Path Less Pedaled

Do you love travel, bicycles, camera gear and craft coffee? This channel is for you. Watch travel tips, gear reviews and trip inspiration to get you stoked for your next outdoor adventure. If you like to explore the outdoors (mostly by bike), come nerd out with us.

Big fans of the Transfer Case, Russ and Laura sold everything they owned in 2009 to bike across the US and abroad for three years. Since then, they have relocated and have been sharing their passion and tips about travel and bikes.

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