Take your bike abroad this summer! For a limited time, the Transfer Case is 10% off (normally $420).

Partners & Retailers

Le Club (Montreal, Canada)

The Le Club Store, based in Montréal, Canada, carries Post Carry Co. and ships internationally. In addition to hosting a great community and events, the Le Club Espresso Bar has some of the best coffee in the business. If you’re in town, be sure to check out Le Club!

Tata Bikes (Girona, Spain)
Located in the lovely old town of Girona, Spain, Tata Bikes is worth a visit just for its historic building site alone. Ran by husband and wife, Stelian and Magda, they'll make sure your visit in the cycling hotspot of Girona is a good one. Check out Post Carry Co. at Tata Bikes.

L'Equipier (Barcelona, Spain)

Located in another hotbed of cycling style and fashion that is Barcelona, retailer L'Equipier carries Post Carry Co. Just a short walk from the Sagra Familia, make sure to pay a visit to the L'Equipier Workshop and Bike Store.

Dave Bikes (Quezon City, Philippines)

Dave Bikes sells curated bicycle parts from all over the world and brings them over to the Philippines. Check out Post Carry Co. at Dave Bikes.

Ridebikes.cc (Hanoi, Vietnam)
The hub for beginner and discerning cyclists in Hanoi, Ridebikes will be your source of knowledge when it comes to riding in Vietnam. Be sure to stop for a coffee and check out Post Carry Co. at Ridebikes.cc.
The Path Less Pedaled
Big fans of the Transfer Case, Russ and Laura sold everything they owned in 2009 to bike across the US and abroad for three years. Since then, they have relocated and have been sharing their passion and tips about travel and bikes. Check out PLP's Youtube channel.