Take your bike abroad this summer! For a limited time, the Transfer Case is 10% off (normally $420).

Transfer Case Bike Fitting Gallery

Got a one-piece handlebar/stem unit? Disc brakes? Integrated seat post? See how it might fit here. If you still have further questions if your frame will fit the Transfer Case, leave a comment below or write to us at info@postcarry.co and we can provide our best assessment!

The collection below is sorted by frame size (smallest to largest).

Ringo's Small Canyon Ultimate Disc inside the 135L Transfer Case

Jenn's Small Open Up inside the 135L Transfer Case

Jacky's 51cm Surly Cross Check inside the 135L Transfer Case

Andy's 54cm Specialized Tarmac inside the 135L Transfer Case

Marc's 54cm BMC Roadmachine inside the 135L Transfer Case

Marc's 56cm Allied Alfa Disc inside the 135L Transfer Case

Marians's 56cm Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL6 disc inside the 150L Transfer Case

Brian's 57cm Speedvagen disc (with integrated seatpost 69cm from BB center to top of seat tube) inside the 150L Transfer Case

Colin's Large Allied ALFA Disc inside the 150L Transfer Case 

Jake's 58cm Cielo inside the 150L Transfer Case

Curtis' 58cm Ibis Hakka MX inside the 150L Transfer Case

Phil's 60cm Trek 520 touring bike inside the 150L Transfer Case

Alexander's 2XL (64cm) Canyon Ultimate CF Sl Disc inside the 150L Transfer Case