Why traveling with your bike is easy with our bike case

What makes Transfer Case so much better than other carrying solutions for your bike? We’ve talked about the features and details in the Transfer Case product page, but let’s talk about its benefits that can’t be explained in single sentences. These benefits make our bike case truly unique and make travel so much easier to move around at your destination - so you can get on with what's important: riding.

1. Transfer Case is smaller than other bike cases.

Have you ever traveled with a bike case or bike bag and felt frustrated needing to find a larger van just to get it somewhere? Or from having to separate from your group in order to fit your bikes? Have you ever traveled with a cardboard bike box and dragged the box across concrete ground as you move around a transit hall? Transfer Case - both 135L and 150L sizes - was meant to eliminate those problems, even for riders with bike frames up to 62cm. Its fits a bike, when packed in its minimum viable footprint, to make the Case extremely compact, versatile and agile while getting around.

It fits inside car trunks - so you don’t compromise seating in a taxi or car. It rolls through tight spaces, like transit gates. You can tilt the Case on its external rolling wheels, so it stands upright - useful inside a crowded train.

On airline flights, its small size can save you money. Although most U.S. airlines have a 62” linear dimension limit for standard size luggage - which Transfer Case is slightly above - it’s up to the airline counter agent at the airport to assess your Case and decide to charge you. Transfer Case has avoided oversized fees in many instances. We don't make any guarantees of its ability to skirt an oversized fee - only that it provides the best chance at avoiding fees.

Some airlines are lenient with luggage slightly above their standard size limit, depending on what you say is inside. It's up to you if you claim it's a bike or want to sneak it though as something else. Check with your airline on their bicycle allowance policy as some airlines are more friendly than others toward bike travelers. Our recommendation is to make travel arrangements with bike-friendlier airlines (a blog post on this topic coming soon.) There are more savings while flying that can come with Transfer Case - see the point below.

2. It’s easy to carry and lightweight. 

With the Case weighing under 6kg alone, moving around during travel is no longer a hassle. Going up stairs to your room is easier thanks to the Case’s handle positioning (two handles on the top for lifting, two on the side for pulling). It even has shoulder straps so you can carry it up stairs like a backpack, if the staircase is wide enough.

Transfer Case’s lightweight benefits come through, again, in airline flying. Many airlines around the world charge luggage by weight, not dimension. It’s a fee that cannot be avoided but reduced with Transfer Case. A Case packed with a 7kg road bike can weigh under 16kg even with tools, shoes, and clothing packed inside. Larger cases can run over 20kg with the same gear and luggage fees only increase as your weight gets heavier.

Our bike case can weigh under 16kg or 35lbs, even with a road bike, tools, kits and shoes packed inside.

15.3kg = 33.7lbs

And if you’re the traveler that likes to maximize your luggage space, then the weight savings of Transfer Case allows you to fit more things like your cycling kits, shoes and accessories - while not blowing through your allowed weight limit.

3. It packs tightly for moving around and storage.

The perimeter of Transfer Case is lined with rigid panels that are protective, yet easily repositionable - which means the Case can fold in one-thirds. In its folded state the Case can be easily stored or carried between places. This is particularly useful if you switch hotels or a destinations during a trip. Just carry the Case on your back, and you're good to go.

Our bike case folds in one-third for storage

4. With Transfer Case, you make no compromises with the bike you bring.

A major benefit to Transfer Case is being able to bring your own full-size bike. No need for special couplings on your frame or components to take apart your bike. No need for a special “travel bike” that only gets utilized on trips. Just bring your regular road or gravel bike. Using Transfer Case requires some disassembly of the bike - namely removing the fork and chain (recommended). Most intermediate bike wrenchers know this is a simple task with some practice and the right tools. Leave all the cables connected. The benefits of traveling with Transfer Case greatly outweigh the extra few minutes it might take to pack the bike.

As we’ve said before, nothing beats having your bike wherever you travel, whether it's to a race or for exploring new terrain. Our goal at Post is to empower travelers by providing gear to enables this - and having your bike makes your cycling trip even better. 


  • Marc Mendoza

    Hi Eddie – Thanks for your questions. The shoulder straps are packable and will not get caught, hung, or ripped off while the Case is going down a conveyor belt or through an airport. There are tiny openings at the bottom for the straps to disconnect and buckles to tuck under, which shouldn’t get caught on anything. It has never been a problem during testing. See our product info page (under “PRE-ORDER”) above and see the photos of the shoulder straps hidden in the back of the Case.

    You may have seen a typo on the return policy – I apologize. The return policy is actually 30 days upon delivery of the Case, based on tracking information.

    I understand wanting to see the product in real life to get a sense of its quality. It can be difficult to judge with only photos. We are currently planning events in North America and will be making announcements when people can see a Transfer Case in real life! Stay tuned.

    Founder @ Post

  • Eddie Andrews

    Are shoulder straps removable and/or packable so they don’t get caught, hung up, or ripped off when checking bag for airline flight?

    Return policy states 30 days from purchase. Hmm, I buy today in July but bag doesn’t ship until Sept from Asia?

    Anyway to touch and feel product to get a sense of its quality and construction before purchase?

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