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Why traveling with your bike is easy with our bike case

What makes Transfer Case better than other carrying solutions for your bike? We’ve talked about the features and details on the Transfer Case page and what to bring when traveling with your bike, but let’s dive deeper about its standout benefits.

1. The Transfer Case is smaller than other bike cases.

Have you ever traveled with a bike case or bike bag and struggled to find a large enough vehicle just to fit your bike? Have you needed to take separate vehicles from your group members just to have enough space for your big bike box? Have you dragged a cardboard bike box on a concrete ground just to move across a transit hall? We've had to, and trust us, none of those situations were very pleasant.

The Transfer Case eliminates those common problems when traveling with a bike. Packing your bike in the Transfer Case puts it in its smallest possible footprint, making it extremely compact and maneuverable while getting around. Even larger bikes up to 62cm in size can fit inside the Transfer Case.

You won't have to compromise seating in a taxi or car. It will simply fit in the trunk of a normal-sized sedan, or at worst, the back seats may have to come down if you're riding in a small Fiat, for instance. Either way, you won't have the awkward situation of being denied an Uber or Lyft drive because your bike box is too big for the vehicle.

2. You can avoid travel fees with the Transfer Case.

That's right. Its small size can save you money. Although most U.S. airlines have a 62” linear dimension limit for standard size luggage--which the Transfer Case is slightly above--it’s really up to the airline counter agent at the airport to assess your luggage and decide whether to charge you or not. While the Transfer Case has a good track record in avoiding fees, we can't guarantee it--only that it provides the best chance at avoiding fees.

Some airlines are lenient with luggage slightly above their standard size limit, depending on what you say is inside. Is it artwork? General work equipment? Those could be technically true and skirt a fee. Check with your airline on their bicycle allowance policy as some airlines are more friendly than others toward bike travelers. Our recommendation is to make travel arrangements with bike-friendlier airlines.

3. It’s easy to carry and lightweight. 

Rolling through a transit station is a glide thanks to the multiple handles and rugged wheels at the bottom of the Case. Going up and down stairs is also easy thanks to the Case’s handle positioning (two handles on the top for lifting, three on the side for pulling). It even has shoulder straps so you can walk around transit halls like a pro.

The Transfer Case’s lightweight benefits come through again in airline flying. Many airlines around the world charge luggage by weight, not dimension. It’s a fee that cannot be avoided but reduced with Transfer Case. A Transfer Case packed with a road bike can weigh as little as 16kg even with tools, shoes, and clothing packed inside. Other bike cases would run over 23kg with the same gear--and luggage fees only increase as your weight gets heavier.

Our bike case can weigh under 16kg or 35lbs, even with a road bike, tools, kits and shoes packed inside.

15.3kg = 33.7lbs

The Transfer Case's easy maneuverability is ideal if you're taking transit. In some cities around the world, transit is the better option for getting into town from the airport. Try boarding a train with a large bike box. It's not fun.

4. It packs tightly for moving around and storage.

The protective, rigid side panels can be repositioned and folded. In its folded state, the Transfer Case can be compressed to about half its volume compared to its deployed state. This is particularly useful for storage in tiny apartments where space is limited, or if you switch hotels or destinations during a trip and need to get around easily. Just use the shoulder straps and ride to the next destination with the folded Transfer Case on your back!

Our bike case folds in one-third for storage

5. It protects your bike well.

We're all aware: airport ground crews abuse luggage. They're notorious for it. Thankfully, the Transfer Case could be one of the safest ways to transport your bike. Why?

When you pack your bike in the Transfer Case, your bike is "semi-floating," meaning your bike can shift slightly during an impact allowing it to "give," instead of taking the full force of the impact. The thoroughly padded and rigid sides prevent and absorb sharp impacts. The individual components (like your handlebars or fork) won't move out of position since the many layers of foam padding of the Transfer Case provides compression to keep everything in its place.

Even further, the included Frame Wrap covers the front triangle of your frame so it doesn't get scratched, and the Chainstay Guard protects your drivetrain. Say goodbye to trying to find scraps of foam before your trip as a last-ditch effort to protect your bike.

Keep this in mind: you can fill any empty space or the voids of your frame with cycling kits, shoes, souvenirs, or whatever you might bring on a trip and still keep it under the airline's weight limit. This can provide additional padding to your bike and even reduce the number of bags you need while traveling!

6. It doesn't take long to pack your bike.

Packing your bike in the Transfer Case requires some disassembly of the bike. In particular: removing the fork. Most bike wrenchers know this is a simple task and with some practice and the right tools, any cyclist can learn it. There's no need to disconnect brakes or derailleur cables. Disc brakes are no problem inside the Transfer Case. Carbon frames, aluminum, steel. Even bikes with semi-integrated cable routing can be packed.

After some practice (do a test pack and build simulation before your trip if it's your first time), most cyclists will find that it's not difficult at all. Being able to pack and assemble your bike for travel brings your mechanic skills to a level that could be empowering, knowing that you can work on and diagnose your own bike if you have to.

Have a drink by your side, music in the background, or take in the sounds of your new destination and enjoy it. This is the experience of travel.

See Packing Information for videos on how to pack Transfer Case.

7. With Transfer Case, you make no compromises with the bike you bring.

A major benefit to the Transfer Case is being able to bring your own full-size bike. There's no need for "break-away" couplings on your frame or special components. No need for a special “travel bike” that only gets ridden during trips. Just bring your regular road or gravel bike.

Nothing beats having your bike wherever you travel, whether it's to a race, adventuring to new terrain, or exploring a city. Bring your bike places you never would before. Bring your bike to every adventure.

Find out more about the Transfer Case and order now!


  • Marc Mendoza

    Hi Paul,

    Your Tallboy could possibly fit if you collapse the rear triangle into the frame. A little extra work but it would be needed to fit inside such a compact case. Shoot me an email at with your frame dimensions and I’ll try to see how we can make it fit.

    Founder @ Post

  • Paul

    Hi, I am looking for a case to fit my 2018 Santa Cruz Tallboy3 full suspension 29-er mountain bike, frame size XL. Do you know if your 150L case would be suitable?
    Thanks Paul

  • Marc Mendoza

    Hi Valera, at your destination, try to see if you can ship the Transfer Case to your departure city using the local postal service. Your experience will vary by country, but for instance, in Vietnam, I was able to ship the Transfer Case from the south to the north of the country for under $20 USD and the post office had a box to ship the Case in. Alternatively, see if they can wrap it in plastic if there is no box.

  • Valera Tymoshchenko

    Could you advise how to travel with the bike case if I have arrival and departure in different cities? I mean what is the best way to transfer my case from arrival airport to departure place.
    Thanks in advance!

  • Marc Mendoza

    Hi Darren,

    Shipping to Europe is possible but the customer is responsible for taxes and duties into EU and shipping cost for the Transfer Case. For any other potential customers in Europe, please email if you would like a shipping quote to your location. Thanks!

    Founder @ Post

  • darren styles

    Hi, are there any plans for these to be distributed in the Uk or Europe? it looks like a great bit of kit that will take a bit of stress out of the upcoming family argument of sitting in the car with my bike when we head to the airport!

  • Pete

    Hi Post Carry peoples,
    I am trying to fit my hardtail 29er in this case. Before I order one, have you been able to fit any 29" wheels in this case? I assume I would have to deflate the tires.

    My 2 bike options would be below. Looking to try and make either one fit into a small 130L size. Or a 150L size is a 2nd choice
    – Trek Procaliber 19.5" frame w/ 2.25×29″ wheels. 100mm Fox 32 SC fork. Axle to crown measurement of fork is 504mm

    - Kona Big Honzo, size large, with either 27.5×2.8″ wheels, 29×2.6″ wheels. 120mm Fox 34 SC fork. Axle to crown measurement of fork is 527mm.
  • Marc Mendoza

    Hi Eddie – Thanks for your questions. The shoulder straps are packable and will not get caught, hung, or ripped off while the Case is going down a conveyor belt or through an airport. There are tiny openings at the bottom for the straps to disconnect and buckles to tuck under, which shouldn’t get caught on anything. It has never been a problem during testing. See our product info page (under “PRE-ORDER”) above and see the photos of the shoulder straps hidden in the back of the Case.

    You may have seen a typo on the return policy – I apologize. The return policy is actually 30 days upon delivery of the Case, based on tracking information.

    I understand wanting to see the product in real life to get a sense of its quality. It can be difficult to judge with only photos. We are currently planning events in North America and will be making announcements when people can see a Transfer Case in real life! Stay tuned.

    Founder @ Post

  • Eddie Andrews

    Are shoulder straps removable and/or packable so they don’t get caught, hung up, or ripped off when checking bag for airline flight?

    Return policy states 30 days from purchase. Hmm, I buy today in July but bag doesn’t ship until Sept from Asia?

    Anyway to touch and feel product to get a sense of its quality and construction before purchase?

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