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Transfer Case News & Updates: Aug-Sept 2018

First and most importantly, Transfer Cases have been loaded on a container and are on their way to our warehouse in the US! Even better, if you're located in Asia or Australia, they're ready to ship directly from our warehouse in Asia. Those that pre-ordered will have their Cases shipped immediately, if they haven't already (North American customers should expect delivery to their door before the end of September). We want to thanks all of our pre-order customers for your support and excitement on our journey to deliver these Cases. If you just discovered Transfer Case and want to order, see the Order Now page where you can also see shipping information for delivery to your region!

We also released a new packing video which covers everything from packing a rim-brake road bike to a disc rotor all-road bike. If you had any questions or concerns on how to pack your bike, this should answer them!

In addition, our friend Curtis (@Nonchalantgarage) put out a detailed walk-through of Transfer Case from opening the box to packing his 58cm Ibis Hakka MX gravel bike into his new 150L. Check it out! 

Thanks for reading, and we'd like to hear more about your upcoming travel plans!


  • Omar

    So we’ll just leave the rotors with the wheels? Kinda freaks me out if I ended up with a bent rotor and no way to get spares at the destination location.

  • Omar

    Is there any reason why not to get the 150L bike? Wouldn’t the extra space be better even if you have a 56cm smaller bike?

    Also, with the industry trend moving towards internal routing cables, perhaps something to look into?

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