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Transfer Case News & Updates: June-July 2018

I’ve been in Vietnam lately not just for the amazing and truly unique riding experience, but to also keep a close eye on production. Here’s what’s been happening with Post lately.

Slight delay in production, but Transfer Case still arrives at doorsteps in September.
We are still waiting for fabrics and parts from our suppliers to arrive at the factory so that production can begin. Production was expected to start late-July but has been pushed to early-August. It’s only a few days late, meaning Transfer Cases will still arrive at our US warehouse in Mid-September and ship directly to you from there. Customers in Asia and Australia will receive their cases shipped directly from Vietnam.

The cardboard boxes that Transfer Cases ship in have arrived - and they’re stunning. We want you to use re-use the box the Case came in for storing your Transfer Case or for anything you might need it for.

Can’t wait to get these out to our pre-order customers. Thanks for your support!

What’s in the padding?
The rigid, corrugated, polycarbonate sheets that line the sides of Transfer Case change the game changer when it comes to protection for a softshell bike case. Which is why we consider Transfer Case a hybrid soft/hard bike case. These panels can be pulled out of their pockets and folded inside the Case for storage.


Here's a small cross section to show the polycarbonate sheets sandwiched by thick foam. At 35mm thick, the padding provides good crush protection at the sides, due to how the corrugation is aligned, and protection from objects piercing the sides of the Case.

What others have said about Transfer Case
While waiting for production to finish, the Transfer Case product testers have been traveling and bringing their bikes everywhere they've been flying to. As cyclists, who doesn't want to have their bike?

Sky from Portland, Oregon has been using Transfer Case to bring his bike during work travel, and has avoided hundred of dollars of fees. He's traveled to Iceland, Japan, and all-over North America with his bike packed in Transfer Case. Follow his constant travels with a bike on his Instagram: @sky_blu_it


David, co-founder of the cycling tour company Velo Vietnam, has used Transfer Case to take his bike to UK on a recent trip. One of his primary needs for a bike case was having it fit in a car's boot at his destination. His 135L Transfer Case fits nicely in the back here:

Here's what he had to say about it:

Transfer Case is available for PRE-ORDER and scheduled to ship in September. If you have any questions about the product, shipping options to your country, or just want to drop us a line, feel free to leave a comment below or email us at info@postcarry.co

-Marc Mendoza
Founder @ Post Carry Co.