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Transfer Case Update: May 2018

I’m reporting from the ground in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, only a short ride from the factory that Transfer Case will be produced. Although Post Carry Co. is a California company, my team and I, Marc, have chosen to work from Vietnam to work closely with the factory and keep a close eye on production. We are so eager to make Transfer Case available and we’ve got only a few steps to go!

Why move from California, one of the greatest cycling epicenters?
I’m a native Northern Californian and moving from one of the cycling paradises of the world to the hot and humid climate of Vietnam was not the easiest decision. However, it enabled my team and I to find a wonderful factory in the south to partner with, take my garage-sewn sample (mentioned in the Origin Story), iterate and refine it in a time frame that would be impossible being based anywhere else. Nine factory prototypes and dozens of trips from multiple testers later, we think we’ve arrived at the best carrying solution for your bike. To say it has been helpful to be in Vietnam would be an understatement. It has been incredibly beneficial to develop our products here.

The factory in Southern Vietnam is so close to us, we can ride there! We'll be back here soon, keeping a close eye on production.

Next steps: Production.

We’ve recently approved the final Transfer Case sample produced by the factory. We’re now finalizing numbers for a purchase order with the factory and logistics options for getting Cases in customer’s hands. With a lead time of a few weeks for materials to arrive, we can expect Transfer Cases to ship Late-Summer 2018. As we prepare our website with a pre-ordering system, the best way to know when pre-orders happen is to sign up for our mailing list below and we’ll update you there.

- Marc Mendoza
Founder of Post Carry Co.