Frame Pack

This is the Bicycling Magazine Gear of the Year award-winning half frame bag.

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Slim & aero

Typically, frame bags have a straight section from the front of the bag to the back which can interfere with your legs while pedaling. Instead, ours tapers from wide to narrow by using a complex 3D pattern to achieve this form. This provides pedaling clearance for your legs as if it isn't there. And if you’re a rider that pedals knees-in or has a narrow Q-factor, this is the bag for you.

Minimal straps & rigid construction

Only two top tube straps and a drawstring for lateral stability are all you need for an extremely stable, sway-free fit. This is thanks to a unique stiffening system in the bag to keep it taut and sag-free with just two straps. For even greater stability, additional straps can be added to the open slots along the outer perimeter of the bag.

Zippered stash pocket

The easy-access, breathable side pocket is just the right size for your phone. Ride with earbuds? Drop them inside and zip the pocket. Or stash your food wrappers inside while riding.

A custom-like fit

Frames come in all shapes and widths. When tightened against your frame, the Frame Pack molds around your frame’s contours while the Pack’s rigid raised sides keep it looking clean and tidy. Bringing your lunch has never looked this good.

Dimensions Small: 44.0 x 12.5cm
Medium: 47.0 x 13.5cm
Large: 51.0 x 14.5cm
Capacity Small: 1.7L
Medium: 2.0L
Large: 2.3L
Weight Small: 212g
Medium: 231g
Large: 261g
(measured with mounting straps and drawstring)
Exterior Fabric 630D Durable Water Repellent Nylon w/ Waterproof 2x PU Coating
100% Recycled Polyester Airmesh Pocket
Interior Materials 420D Polyester
Thin PE Plastic stiffening walls
Other Details - Waterproof main zipper
- Water-resistant sewn construction
- Included set of straps to accomodate narrow and wide frame tube diameters
- Stash side pocket for food & devices
- Stabilizing Drawstring
- Reflective graphics

WARNING: This product is included under the Prop 65 disclaimer. Read more here.
The Frame Pack is meant for carrying just what you need on long-distance rides, light touring and everyday riding. Leave it on your bike and never forget your pump, lights, an extra jacket/vest, or food again!

The Frame Pack was intended to fit road and gravel bikes with “race-inspired” geometry. Please refer to the photo examples below to get an idea of how it fits.

If your frame has a drastically short head tube or notably sculpted aerodynamic profile, it may be necessary to go one size down on your Frame Pack. If you have any questions or concerns about how it might fit a specific frame, don’t hesitate to ask us by email ( with your frame model and size and we can provide an assessment.
Riders with frames 53cm and under may benefit from having “side-release” bottle cages that allow access to the bottle from the side. Additionally, bottle lowering cages exist, such as the King Lowering Cage, to position the bottle lower on the frame and offer more clearance for the Frame Pack.

Frame packs won't fit in tiny frames. We hear you, and we will someday have a solution to provide more storage options on smaller frames!
The Frame Pack is Bicycling Magazine's Gear of the Year!
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“Post Carry’s Frame Pack is a pretty dialed example of a minimalist bag intended to fit road and gravel bikes with performance geometry.”
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  • Size Small on a 52cm Factor LS
  • Size Small on Lee's Small Thesis OB1
  • Size Medium on David's Medium Thesis OB1
  • Size Medium on AB's Ridley Small Kanzo Fast
  • Size Medium on Guim's Medium Chapter2 Ao
  • Size Medium on Robby's medium Open Wide
  • Size Medium on Marc's medium Serk A10
  • Size Large on Curtis' 58cm Cannondale Synapse
  • Size Large on Brian's 58cm Santa Cruz Stigmata