Transfer Case: Design Improvements for 2019

NOTE: All Transfer Cases shipped in 2020 are of the newer, updated "2019" model, described here.

In a year of cyclists traveling with the Transfer Case, we couldn't be happier with the positive response we have received. It is more clear than ever that products we are creating are solving problems for traveling cyclists all over the world. Here's what some people had to say:

"Very tidy."

"Packing is absurdly easy."

"I didn't have to pay bike fees at all when flying this trip! Savings: $240"

"Removing the fork is no big deal, even for a non-mechanic like me, and opens up the prospect of a much more compact package. The built-in plastic protection, wheel bags, etc are all really well done and give me a lot of confidence that when I use the case in a more demanding setting than my garage things will go without incident."

We are testing and improving our products every day, and with the new batch of Transfer Cases in 2019, we made two refinements based on your feedback. No detail is ever too minor to consider. 

1. Increased wheel compartment size (Transfer Case 150L only)

Probably the most requested change was to make wheels easier to slide in-and-out of the wheel compartments. Big riders rejoice: we're making it easier to fit the big diameter tires we're all riding now inside the Transfer Case 150L with a 3cm increase to both wheel compartments inside the case.

On the 135L, however, there was simply no way to increase the size of them without increasing the size of the case, which wasn't an option. Fortunately, both Transfer Case sizes will fit 40mm 700C or 47mm 650B tires, as before, by deflating or partially deflating the tires.

2. An added horizontal handle at the bottom to make wheeling around even easier (all Transfer Cases)

By having this new handle near the bottom and horizontally mounted, the Transfer Case can be tilted closer to vertical. This shifts the weight of the case further behind you while holding it and reduces the load on your arm.

We're constantly asked, "Why not have four wheels?" Having it roll on two wheels makes maneuvering through a tight train station or airport and going over bumps or steps so much easier. Whether you're running in a Paris subway to catch a train, lifting your case to board an Amsterdam tram, or just casually walking to the check-in counter at the airport, you have a new, more comfortable way to bring the Transfer Case and your bike.

Design is an iterative process. Even if a product is released, it's never truly "finished". At Post, we will always continually improve our products and we rely on our community to let us know what's working, what needs to be changed, what needs to improve. Feel free to shoot us an email ( to let us know your thoughts or questions!