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Transfer Case: 2022 shipping updates

Transfer Case latest update: Shipping now.

With 2020 causing havoc to supply chains, we’re left with the ripple effects two years after the pandemic started. Bike parts are now generally available, but for a while, we were holding onto 11-speed chains like they were gold and running brake pads down to the last half millimeter. All companies have seemed to face some sort of delay, and here at Post Carry Co., we were no exception.

The latest batch of Transfer Cases (after having their own set of production delays), personally looked at by myself, were loaded in a container in Vietnam in July. They’re now finally arriving at our Nevada warehouse in late-September. The container experienced a vessel change, sat outside a port in Mexico for a few weeks, sat at the port of Long Beach another few weeks, and the same at the Port of Oakland. What a time it is. What used to be "only" a month-long voyage is now a many-month frustration for all people (and cyclists) involved.

To the cyclists that have pre-ordered the Transfer Case: I thank you personally for hanging in there and you’ll have many trips with your bike soon!

-Marc Mendoza
Founder @ Post Carry Co.