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Andy van Bergen on riding in Thailand and traveling with the Transfer Case

CyclingTips contributor, the inventor of Everesting, and Hells500 founder, Andy van Bergen, took his bike inside his Transfer Case to the VeloClub Summit in Northern Thailand late-last year. You can read about the summit on CyclingTips (see: Crickets, cold brew, and climbing 5k in a day: Tales from the 2019 VeloClub Summit) and he had plenty of praise for the Transfer Case after using it on this trip. Here's what he had to say:

"The Transfer Case was a joy - starting from the very unboxing. The fact that you were able to use the cardboard packaging as part of the experience (I loved the '..or use it as a stand for your trainer computer') was really clever. Loved the guide, and it was really simple to follow. On that, the visual guide printed on each section of the case was handy when packing the bag on the way home. Little touches like that make all the difference. The only real difference on packing and unpacking was the fork removal, and considering my old bag had me removing stem bolts the time difference was negligible.

Everything felt nice and snug and I didn't see any reason to add additional frame protection. The two variations I took from the recommendation were keeping the chain on (an old trick I use is to cable-tie the chain on the top chainring, and then wrap and velcro the derailleur to the chain stay - which worked perfectly), and while I used the fork pocket on the way there I found it a bit easier on the cables to strap it to the downtube on the way back.

For the full week of travel all I took was the Transfer Case and a cabin bag. Getting through the airport was a breeze, and on the way back they didn't even blink and checked it as normal luggage. The quality is excellent, loved all the storage pockets, and being able to pack it down afterwards is perfect."

There you go. From the great storyteller himself, he makes us want to pack our bikes and ride in Thailand again!