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Will Mountain Bikes Fit?

While Transfer Case was designed to fit Road/Track/Gravel bikes, and fit them well, that doesn't mean it can't fit Mountain Bikes. This Specialized full suspension 27.5" MTB in Transfer Case and it's just as easy to pack as any other bike. Arguably easier, since mountain bike levers and grips can easily be taken off, leaving the handlebar and fork to be positioned freely inside the Case.

Packing notes:

  • The headtube length of this bike is 10cm and its diagonal length is 104cm. It fits Transfer Case 135L but any bike bigger than this should go inside the 150L Case.
  • 27.5" Wheels: The tires had to be partially deflated to fit the wheel compartments. If you're concerned with tubeless sealant leaking and spilling inside the Case, you can cover the whole wheel in a garbage bag.
  • 29" Wheels: Tires have to be completely deflated
  • To position the flat bar in the Transfer Case, the levers, shifters, and grips need to be detached from the bar. These are relatively simple operations and also leaves the fork/brake assembly free to be positioned anywhere in the Case.
  • The rear derailleur still fits in the dedicated derailleur pouch (see photo below) after detaching the chain. If you would like to keep the chain installed, the derailleur and chain can be tied together to the chainstay to simplify the disassembly process.
  • For this bike, neither the front or rear brake calipers had to be removed.
  • The fork (after covering it with a bag or foam padding) can be laid under the frame.
  • With a dropper post you can drop the saddle and keep it installed in the frame, allowing its cable assembly to stay in tact.
  • The total weight of Transfer Case with complete bike, before adding tools, clothes or other items inside the Case, was 17.8kg. 

Shown here is a medium full-suspension, with the rear suspension pivoted inward, packed inside Transfer Case 135L.

Rethink how you can bring your bike on your next travels. If you have any questions, reach out to us at and we hope to see your travels with your Road/Track/Gravel/Mountain bike someday!